by August Spies

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this is the longest demo ever. it will be 10 songs once it's all mixed proper


released April 10, 2012

nick- bass, david- drums, drew- guitar/vox, steve-guitar/vox



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August Spies Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Track Name: The Fourth Weekend In October
what are we doing tonight?
we've got this whole town in front of us
we've lost track of everything we had in mind
The next few days are mapped out
I've got the paper in my hand
circles drawn, wristbands on- we’re pumped up and ready

We Sing along to all the old songs
with the rhythm in our hearts
these anthems made us who we are today

we’ve been given chances to take
now it’s our move to make
do we sit and wait for life to pass us by?
the sun’s about to rise
over the star filled and clear skies
our throats are raw, we’re covered in sweat, and we regret nothing
Track Name: Tommy Said End on a 5th
Verse 1
That cloud still hangs above your head
67 thousand and a world full of regret
The panic, the fear, and the unknowning
Why did I choose this path again?
Goddammit It’s just too late to go back to the beginning

Verse 2
And you can’t stay calm just scraping by
It’s all I want but it’s so goddamn hard to try
And I never want to drag myself out of bed
Another day just means reality breathing down my neck

And I don’t know what I’m doing
Shit’s scared right out of me
Just I just crawl in a hole? Can I forget everything
Self-destruction, bad decisions don’t ever come too cheap
The thrills, the fun, the excitement of living
Now I’ll probably never see

And I know I’m not the only one
Stuck down here in this hell
Track Name: Slayer in a Funeral Procession
These songs will wreck our hearing but we keep it fucking loud
We scream along to choruses and go surfing on the crowds
Those nights spend under bridges, warm beers and cigarettes
We talk about the times we had and wonder where they went
But we’ve all gotten older, some left and moved away
But memories still linger and the songs still mean the same
So turn up your fucking stereo and scream ‘til you can’t speak
And find me under that highway bridge, those places where we’d meet

Parking lots in summer time, so hot that we can’t breathe
But none of use are leaving until we’re all too tired to see
We do the same things and they never got old, just new people that come and go
On countless Alabama nights through sweat and freezing cold
I don’t care about the battery, I don’t care about the gas
Just keep those old songs playing until they run us off at last

And na, na, na na na, It’s just another Friday night
The laughter and the stories give us all a love for life
And it you need a shoulder then come let it out on mine
‘Cause we’re not getting younger, yeah we’re running out of time, we need more time
Track Name: Good Times on a Saturday Night
We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone.
It sinks in
We're staring awkwardly
As we realize we've said too much

We hit all the high points
Were thinking about winding down
But the music's still blaring
And there's time for another round

We boasted
About our greatest feats
And How we plan to rule the world
I shot down
Your tired gaze
With an unrelenting stare

Everything's quiet
We're thinking of a better way
How to live the best life
And how to die peacefully
Track Name: Southern Pabstist
Verse 1
5 weeks wet and I can’t take it
Money’s disappearing but I keep drinking
When in the fuck will I make it end?
Keep saying no, not this evening
But I still end up on that stool sitting
Come 2am, barely make it out

Verse 2
I used to swear I’d never pick up the habit
Thought I was above a crutch for leaning
But I gave that up and I’ve still yet to look back
Conversations flow much faster with the drinks, another beer another shot to know how I’m feeling
But I doubt you really give a shit

Break all of those promises to yourself, It’s so much easier than standing by what you once believed
Climb off the pedestal you built yourself because you’re not any better
You’re just the same as all of them
Track Name: Stay Golden, Pony Boy
Verse 1
Same roads, same buildings, and all of the same places
It’s like nothing ever changes
I see the same faces every day
This bicycle can only take me so far, can’t afford to drive my truck
So I’ll ride all day to try and shake these feelings

Verse 2
Why and how did all of this shit happen?
Where did all of this come from? Why won’t it go away?
Lasting and unending feelings of loneliness, like no one really gets it
Just let me stay in bed

And I know that I won’t always feel this way
But now I just can’t shake this. It just won’t go away
It goes on and on and on and on and on and on
Like nothing ever changes. I need some goddamn changes
Track Name: Santorum (The Frothy Remix)
verse 1
where we all fall short is turning words into action
we surface for air and then bask in the sunlight
when did intolerance become a platform
this sorry state knows no bounds
we come up short every time we're measured
a congress of trash needs to be burned.
verse 2
the mark of a truly great society
is how we treat the least fortunate
not how we bow to the whims of those too rich to feel.